GreenariA (e-ISSN: 2584153X) is an agricultural monthly e-magazine focusing on the scientific ideas, innovations and latest advances in the field of agriculture and allied sectors. GreenariA is completely a student initiative, developed in view of disseminating the scientific knowledge and supporting the farming community. The magazine has been framed to provide an ideal platform to communicate meaningful information regarding the new techniques, scientific developments, modern advancements, current trend and latest news in the field of agriculture and allied sectors. GreenariA would enclose significant works which forms an ideal channel connecting the lab and the land. The magazine welcomes noteworthy works and writings in agriculture and allied sectors. It aims to encourage the innovativeness and writing ability of the student community. We have planned to constantly evaluate and upgrade the content of the magazine to meet the needs of the receiving party.

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Dr. S. R. Padma

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Mr. Vignesh Kumar, M.Sc.(Ag.)

Director (i/c) and Deputy Director (Publication)


Mobile No : +91-82488 33079

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Arunkumar R


Mr. R. Arunkumar, M.Sc.(Ag.)

Deputy Director (Administration)


Mobile No : +91-73052 81991

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Mr. V. Balamurugan, M.Sc.(Ag.)

Deputy Director (Membership)


Mobile No: +91-96294 99830

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Management Team

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Mr. P. Dhamodharan, M.Sc.(Ag.)

Executive Manager (Edition)


Mobile No: +91-73977 14620

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Mr. P. Pavithran

Executive Manager (Website )


Mobile No: +91-96886 81209

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Mr. S. Sakthivel, M.Sc.(Ag.)

Associate Member (Edition)


Mobile No: +91-95972 29199

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Mr. M. Sivanesan, M.Sc.(Ag.)

Associate  Member (Media)


Mobile No: +91-63834 73842

e-mail ID: